Wedding Websites

It’s fair to say that Weddings have evolved to keep up with fashion, trends, opinions, even laws. A recent development in the vast industry has been the introduction of Wedding Websites.

We are all aware that we live in a technological era, where our lives are basically controlled by the gadgets and gismos we carry around with us on a daily basis, so it makes sense that the world of weddings has caught on to this trend.

Wedding Websites – for those of you who might not know – are an online tool which couples can make to digitalise their wedding. They have numerous functions but mainly they are a way of putting all the information about a wedding in one place, so that your guests have easy access.

You can use the websites to update guests on running times and give them directions to aid the overall organisation of your day. You can use it to get RSVP’s or your guests food orders, but it doesn’t have to be all about the practicalities and the administrative stuff like that. Make your wish list on the website, show your guests what you want and how they can buy it – then there will be no excuse for awful gifts or money donations because they didn’t know what to get you.

Ask all your guests to post their photos from the day on to the website, then you get to see what everyone else saw from your day in one place. It’s a popular choice nowadays to ask guests not to post photos of weddings on social media, but this way you are in control, you still share photos with everyone you are sharing your day without having to share it with the rest of the world.

There are a variety of templates and builders available online, you can narrow it down from what you want the website to do and budget.

‘Wedding Window’ @ £0 offers the simplicity in organising every little detail of your day.

‘Wix’ @£0 is perfect for those of you that want optimal customisation, to make your website completely your

‘Appy Couples’ @ £35 goes that one step further and actually designs you an app for all your guests to download to their

There are lots of reasons why having a wedding website makes good sense, and it can be next to no effort with templates available online. Take a look into it, you’ll soon realise that you need one for your wedding!




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