Festive Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and provides the perfect backdrop for popping the question, with twinkling lights, the first snow fall and friends and family gathered together, there’s nothing quite like the holidays to finally pop the question. Here are a few marriage proposal ideas I love!


Make Everyday Count

Create a personalized advent calendar with each little window revealing a memory or reason why you love your partner. Save the proposal window for December 25 and if you can hide the ring inside.

christmas tree

A Christmas Gift

A traditional way to pop the question. Hide the engagement ring inside another gift or inside a larger wrapped box so that he or she doesn’t expect it. Maybe put the ring box in the bottom of a Christmas stocking, under other gifts. Arrange the other gifts around the box so that he/she won’t feel the ring box when they pick up the stocking.


Let it Snow

Buried under a blanket of snow? Write your proposal big and bold in the snow where your partner won’t miss it. Use a shovel to carve out your big question or event better use Christmas lights.

snow proposal

Secret Santa

This one is probably best if your partner has a good sense of humor or a true Santa obsession for this proposal idea. Ask a local department store if you can dress up as Santa for part of the day. Ask your partner’s friends to take him or her shopping, convince them to sit on Santa’s lap. Your partner will be totally surprised when Santa is suddenly asking for his or her hand. Think of the amazing photos!

Send in The Carolers

If you know of a local group of singers, contact them and plan for them to come caroling to your door while you and your loved one are enjoying a cozy, romantic night in (we’re thinking mulled wine, cheese, chocolate and a blazing fire). The carolers can hold signs saying “Happy Christmas”, and when they’re finished singing they can flip them over to reveal “Will you marry me?”

New Years Eve Coundown

If you’re attending a large New Year’s Eve party, work your proposal into the crowd’s big countdown to the new year. Inform the other guests/venue of your plan and make sure it’s okay with everyone. Once the group’s chanted the countdown and reaches 3, 2, 1… have the room go quiet and turn toward your partner and ask away! Once you get the “Yes!”, let the shouts and cheers of celebration begin.


Party for Two

If you want to skip the noise and crowds, create an at-home winter wonderland and throw yourselves an intimate New Year’s Eve celebration. Choose the best of the best for this private night—don’t just opt for wine and cheese, splurge on caviar and champagne. Light a fire and choose your all time favorite movies, or simply snuggle up together. When the clock strikes midnight—or whenever the moment’s right—ask!

With 40% off proposals expected to happen over the Christmas period, make sure yours stands out from the rest!

Don’t forget to send us some photo’s !

Lauren xxx




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