10 dos and dont’s of wedding social media

Before you tag, tweet or hashtag those wedding photos…

Thou shalt not tweet about your engagement before telling your mum. Imagine her little face when she’s told the news by someone else? #crushed

Thou shalt definitely use Facebook as a freebie save the date option. Your gran, however, may need it circled on her cat calendar…

save the date

Thou shalt Instagram sneak peaks of your wedding details – with a light and airy Amaro filter attached, obviously!

Thou shalt not leave the hen do WhatsApp thread, just because we’re teasing you about all the terrible things we have planned. Of course we won’t make you

Thou shalt use Pinterest as inspiration (just don’t get upset when you can’t have a rolltop bath as a drinks holder).

Thou shalt post pictures of your sparkly new engagement ring, to keep the rest of us entertained while bored at work.

engagment ring

Thou shalt resist the urge to go countdown-crazy. If your last status update was “Only 253 days, four hours, six minutes and 48 seconds until the big day!!!” people may start hitting the mute button. But then again, who cares?


Thou shalt create an original hashtag for guests to use at your wedding – just keep it short and snappy. When the post-event blues strike, it’s the perfect way to reminisce about your #bestdayever.


Thou shalt share your DIY trials and tribulations on YouTube – other brides need to know what type of glitter to use on their jam jars.

Thou shalt not Snapchat bad photos of the bride (unless you’re happy for her to tag you in those hen do pictures). Play nice now girlies…


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