Strawberries & Cream Wedding Inspiration

In hour of the start of Wimbledon, I though I’d theme a blog post on the colour Red and strawberries & cream wedding style.

I know Wimbledon is all about the tennis, but you can’t fail to associate this tournament with The quintessentially British tea time treat, strawberries and cream.

red combined with white/cream can look absolutely beautiful at weddings. bride-to-be can often shy away from making Red one of their main colours as they think its too strong of a colour, but if used appropriately, it can look absolutely stunning.

s & c wedding cakes & c srawberries
Who doesn’t love succulent strawberries & cream. You can interpret this into your wedding cake, as a snack or dessert. 

s & c suites

How fabulous are these red suits from the Dolce & Gabanna’s summer 2015 mens fashion show? Perfect for the fashion forward groom. 

s & c invitations

How cute and quirky are these wedding invitations? 

s & c bridesmaid

If you are not daring enough to go for a red wedding dress fins some beautiful bridesmaid dresses to add that splash of colour.  

s & c jam jars

Great little favours and can easily be made at home! 

s & c picnik s & c picnik 2

Why not carry the theme all the way through and have truly British wedding breakfast picnic. 

Lauren xx


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