European Honeymoon Destinations

Is it any surprise that Europe is consistently one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world? Between classically romantic Italytrés chic Francestunningly historic Greece, and so many more bucket-list vacation hotspots

Here are a few of my favourites.

Croatia – Dubrovnik 

I recently visited Dubrovnik and with its spectacular coastline, charming hilltop towns, world-class food and wine along with plenty of style, it’s no wonder Croatia has emerged as one of the world’s most popular wallet-friendly vacation spots. Start exploring in beautiful Dubrovnik, a historic, visitor friendly city set on the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Between the well preserved Old Town and the crystal clear water, it’s hard to know where to look in photo-ready Dubrovnik. Explore the narrow alley ways and famous sites. Don’t miss a walk along the fortress walls then take the electric cable car up the mountainside for the best city and sea views.

For a sunset sip makes sure you visit Buza Bar, its a local favourite. A hidden location through a gap in the old city walls. Once there enjoy spectacular water views and locals cliff diving.

dub Croatia-affordable-honeymoon-destinations

Hungary – Budapest 

Elegant but edgy, historic but vibrant, Budapest is a mainstay on lists of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe. The city is separated into two unique sections, Buda and Pest. Spread throughout are UNESCO World Heritage sites, notable museums, authentic food, and over 80 geothermal hot springs, making there plenty to experience in this jewel of a city. I visited this wonderful city in the Winter when scattered with snow but id love to visit in the Summer!


Portugal – Porto 

Home to vibrant cities, a beach-lined coast, and a top-notch food and wine scene, Portugal is finally starting to get the tourism recognition it deserves. For a trendy scene, head north to Porto, the country’s second largest city and one of the oldest in Europe. Get at a feel for the city by strolling through the old town, stop at the Ponte Luis I bridge for the best views over the Douro River. Make sure you sample the best Portuguese specialities — fresh seafood dishes and the regional favourite francesinha (a decadent sandwich combo of bread, four types of meat, melted cheese and a thick tomato-and-beer sauce, served with fries).


Italy – Florence

Few places are more romantic than Italy. Year round you’ll see couples wondering the historic streets of Rome, having long lunches in intimate Florentine cafes and pausing for a smooch on the bridges of Venice.

Florence ( Firenze as the Italians know it ) is the birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s home to medieval streets and arched bridges that have remained the same for centuries. Tuscany’s neighbouring vineyards, rolling green hills and olive groves only add to Florence’s appeal, but the cities true charm lies within the fine art and hearty regional cuisine.


Turkey – Istanbul 

With grand palaces and ancient ruins, exotic bazaars and sweeping water views, Istanbul is a city that takes your breath away. It’s also a heady mix of Europe and Asia ( the city straddles both continents ). As well as old world and new, with trendy boutiques and lively nightclubs existing alongside traditional daily life. A honeymoon here promises to be filled with romance and splendor — and plenty of tasty meals.

Istanbul at sunset - Galata district, Turkey

Lauren xx


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