Bright, Colourful and Quirky Weddings

Here at The Gallery, we get to know our couples during their Wedding planning process and seeing their choice of colours and themes when it comes to their set up is always very exciting for us!

It’s important that your colour scheme reflects you as a couple and we love to see couples who aren’t afraid to bring in the splash of colour, especially during a time when neutral and vintage styled Weddings have become so popular.

So if you’re looking to add a some colour to your special day, but you’re worried about it looking like a kids party, here’s a few tips to make sure you keep the class and elegance to your set up but with a cheeky, fun twist!

Bright FlowersFlowers are a great way of brightening up your day! The beautiful golden yellow sunflowers are a winner when paired up with a hot pink flowers. And for a top money saving tip, why not use yours and the bridesmaids bouquets as centre pieces inside vases when you arrive at your reception venue?

Why not try adding a table runner to your table decorations? Imy wedding table runnerf you’re worried about your table looking bare and plain, a table runner is a brilliant simple way of adding style and colour! Our personal favourites are chevrons in white and yellow or white and turquoise!

pom pomsPom Poms – Ok so we get it, they’ve been around for a while now, everyone has had them and they’re starting to get a little ‘same old’ but they’re no denying that they are a very cost effective and pretty way of adding colour to your day! And we think they look great in The Gallery! It’s also a great little project to keep family and friends busy if they want to help in the run up to your day as you can make these from scratch with tissue paper.

Move away from the standard guest book and go for something a little more slip us a notequirky like a ‘Slip us a note’ board!! It’s much more interesting than the standard guestbook and also encourages guests to be more personal in their messages to you so no one else reads them! It is also another fantastic and simple way to add colour to your reception room. Most venues will have a easel you can borrow so make sure you ask!


The cake… We absolutely love wedding cakes (and the anxiety that comes with carrying it up the stairs once it’s been dropped off to us!!) and this one is just stunning! More and more brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional white or cream cake and going for something much brighter and fun! Surround your cake with little jars of flowers to decorate the table and maybe share the table with your guest card box.

If you’re unsure about what colour scheme to go for, purchase some samples of things you spot whilst you’re out and about and then book a time to visit your venue whilst the room is free to decide what would work best. Here at the Gallery, we are more than happy for brides and grooms to be to come in and spend a whole afternoon testing their set up and to decide what looks best, just give us a call!

Francesca x


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