Top tips on ensuring your rainy wedding day is absolutely amazing!

Cue Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.”The thought of rain on your wedding day may seem like a natural disaster, but there is a lot to be said for a rainy day wedding. Aside from being a sign of good luck, rain on your Big Day is an opportunity to have pictures and a party like no one else’s.


Talk to your photographer. Find out if they’ve shot a wedding in the rain before. Do they have some ideas for how to make it more fun, exciting and unique? What’s the plan, logistically and financially? Will they still show up, stay throughout the night? Make sure you ask these questions! 

Get some wellies! 

If you’re marrying in the Great British countryside, you have to be prepared for mud! Wedding wellies are becoming more and more popular at country and festival-themed weddings, and for good reason – not only do they keep your feet from getting wet and dirty, they make for brilliant photo opportunities! Match you colour  theme, or stick to good old Hunter green.


Bring a brolly!

Umbrellas are incredibly useful at weddings, particularly when you’re facing the changeable British weather. Arm your ushers and bridesmaids with some plain white, clear or brightly-coloured umbrellas to fit in with your colour scheme and encourage them to accompany your guests from their cars to the venue door with them.

brolly all

Keep your dress dry

When you’re buying your wedding dress, make sure that the boutique shows you how to hitch your train up (or bustle it). Also take the time to practise with your bridesmaids so they’re well-rehearsed in carrying it. For the photographs, take a big white sheet to stand on on the grass, so that the bottom of your dress doesn’t get too dirty. Don’t fret too much though, as some of your best photos may involve being out and about in nature, and you can always have your dress dry-cleaned after the big day.

Hair Hacks

Call on the glam squad. Obviously, waterproof mascara is a must for any bride, but a little rain may call for some last minute beauty changes. If you’re worried about out of control humidity hair, consider a beautifully messy bun or relaxed flower crown. Also Check with your hair and make-up artist to see if they are able to come later on before the reception to do a touch up. That way you will be more willing to go out in the rain. It’s also a nice plan to have even if it doesn’t rain so you will feel refreshed and ready to dance the night away!

hair pup

Prepare your Guests

If there’s even a slight chance it will begin to rain midway through your outdoor wedding ceremony and you’re determined to say “I do” outdoors, make sure you’ve prepared your guests appropriately. Place umbrellas on each guest’s seat so they’re sheltered from the rain and consider placing cashmeres on the backs of reception chairs so they’re warm. At the same time, have hair dryers and toiletries in the wash room.


Don’t worry about the food

Don’t panic if you have organised a barbecue or hog roast for your wedding breakfast. If your caterers specialise in outdoor catering options like this, they will nearly always have a wet weather contingency plan in place, and barbecues can always take place under cover. Check with your catering company before booking for peace of mind.

Warm up with a drink

If  you’re having your big day in one of the cooler months, consider serving warm drinks during the reception. This works especially well at Christmas, when you can serve your guests delicious glasses of mulled wine or cider, but why not offer liqueur coffee or tasty hot chocolate if you’re having a blustery autumn or early spring wedding?

drink rain

Be happy!

Last but not least, if the weather does go pear shaped, try not to let it spoil your mood. There’s nothing you can do about it, after all, and although rain won’t ruin your day, you walking around with a sad face will! It’s raining on your wedding day! Embrace it, go have fun, and get wet!

I have found some beautiful shots in the rain. Whether you’re a photographer or a newlywed-to-be, you’ll find magic and inspiration within these photos

rain 1 rain 2 rain 3 rain 4 rain 5 rain 6 rain 7 rain 8 rain

Lauren xx


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